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About Us

Ballet Australasia Limited


BAL is recognised worldwide for their highly technical and professional dance syllabus. They provide ongoing assistance to members with dance tuition and instruction through syllabus support, annual conferences and they are a recognised training institution for the Teaching Certificate 3 and 4 courses and exams.

At Tech Steps we encourage all students to participate in exams. Completing an exam not only gives students a sense of achievement, but can lead to life-long qualifications that are recognised in all major institutions for further study. We also encourage our students who reach Elementary standard in any exam to go on to complete their TC3 in that genre.


Jess Bayles: Principal

 Jess studied Ballet, Tap and Character (BAL syllabus) from Mrs. Myra Di Maria in Penguin and performed regularly in concerts and community events. At 8 she began learning Jazz and Hip Hop. She began teaching dance at 17 before moving to Launceston to further her studies in Theatre and Teaching. While in Launceston she contracted to several local dance schools assisting with solos, eisteddfods and major productions. In 2008 she graduated with a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts in Theatre  and went on to complete her Masters of Teaching in 2010, majoring in English, Drama and Dance (receiving a scholarship from the Education Department). In 2013 she completed her Teaching Certificate 3 with BAL and 2018 her Certificate 4 in Dance Teaching and Management. Over the years she has been involved in many productions for various theatre societies, schools and companies (specialising in choreography and lighting design) and exams, competitions and workshops. She currently teaches at Reece High School in Devonport. When she's not dancing she loves travelling, bush walking, kayaking and caving.


We are also affiliated with The Acrobatic Dance Association in which three of our teachers are trained, and the Discover Dance organisation for our pre-school and early childhood programs

Lisa Jeffery: Teacher (Junior Jazz, Yoga, Tap & Comp Team)

Lisa attended Pam’s Dance Studio throughout her childhood studying tap, song & dance, and jazz.. She competed in local eisteddfods and competitions, and participated in community events, Serendipity Young Talent Time Team and Rock Eisteddfods. She loves choreography and has been involved in many productions helping out in this way both for Tech Steps and local schools. Lisa has completed her Grade 5 tap certificated and is now working on her Elementary Grade to then begin her Teaching qualifications. She also holds qualifications in children's yoga and is the brains behind our Tot Bots program for ages 3-5yrs.


Taryn Rataj:  Teacher (Jazz & Tap)


Nichole Easterly: Assistant Teacher (Tap)

Eve Peters: Assistant Teacher (Junior Jazz & Tap)

Nicky began dancing from a young age studying ballet, character and classical tap from Myra Di Maria in Penguin. She reached a high level in exams before moving on with life and starting a family and career. Once a dancer, always a dancer, Nicky returned to dance after her daughters showed an interested and has since completed her Intermediate Tap exam with hopes to completed her Teaching Certificate soon. 

Taryn is our youngest to ever commence her Teaching Certificate 3 in Dance. Having danced from a young age, she studied jazz and tap with us and later picked up hip hop. She completed her Advanced Tap Certificate Tap in 2021 and has introduced the Tap'n'Beats syllabi to the studio.  She has also completed her Advanced Jazz Certificate in 2022 and teaches both genres.

Eve studied jazz and  tap from a young age and participated regularly in concerts, eisteddfods and other local competitions. She has returned to dance as an adult and is very passionate about delivering quality dance instruction to our youngest of students. Eve teachers our Tot Bots program, and our Junior tap and jazz classes. She holds her Grade 5 tap exam certificate and hopes to complete her Elementary exam and Teaching Certificate this year.

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