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We offer a huge range of classes at Tech Steps. You'll find the individual schedules here with pricing information and uniform requirements.

Tot Bots

A fun and interactive class for pre primary 3-5yrs. We dance, we sing, we act! A great start to learning the basics including turning, pointing and movement to music, building on cognitive skills, balance and self-expression through imaginative role play.


​​Ballet Technique

For dancers 8 and older, this class offers the foundations of dance and helps the dancer work on turn out, stretching, strengthening for more control and fluidity in their movements.

A fun, energetic and expressive dance class. Connecting the mind and body to express a story with emotion. Taught with a strong emphasis on ballet technique.


A structured dance style incorporating ballet technique and a range of modern dance sequences. Jazz students learn a variety of styles including funk, classical jazz, Bollywood, and moves from different eras. They also learn about the relationship between music and dance, work on strength and flexibility and master transitions between challenging positions and steps.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a heavy dance style focusing on strength and precision. Students build muscle and flexibility and learn modern dance sequences to popular music.

Classical Tap

Our Classical Tap syllabus (BAL) is based on the tap styles developed in the 1920-1970's and incorporates syncopation, rhythms, waltz tap, and soft shoe.



Developed and choreographed by Nathan Sheens (Tap Dogs), Tap'n'Beats is a rhythmic styles of tap that is based repetition and speed. Lots of fun and lots of noise.

Acrobatic Dance

A new syllabus for us developed by the Australian Acrobatic Dance Association, Acro is about building strength and technique with challenging positions and then transitions such as back walk overs, bridges and aerials. 

Kids Yoga

Our children's yoga classes combine elements of music, stories, imagination, visualization and mindfulness with traditional yoga techniques. We create fund an interactive activities that improve coordination, strength, balance and develop concentration.



We have a Tot Bots (ages 4-7) class, a junior and senior Tap'n'Beats classes AND an Introduction to Jazz class now scheduled for Deloraine at the Baptist hall. 


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